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The American Legion Auxiliary mission—to serve veterans, the military and their families—is more important than ever, particularly now that so many of our military are deployed overseas and returning from active duty. We seek to multiply our efforts by encouraging others to do the same and recognizing those who already have their sleeves rolled up.


To this end, the American Legion Auxiliary has established an award program to note and honor outstanding accomplishments in service to our veterans, the military and their families, both within the organization and throughout the greater society.


Salute to Servicewomen Award
Established in 2003 by the Past Presidents Parley Committee, this award has evolved from honoring women veterans to honoring women who are actively serving our country.

National President’s Award for Excellence
Established in 2009, the National President's Award for Excellence is presented to five outstanding units and one department annually to recognize their success in formulating goals and action steps that result in noteworthy outcomes for American Legion Auxiliary programs. The award winners are featured in a national publication.

Public Spirit Award
Established in 1983, this award recognizes outstanding individuals or organizations for contributions that positively impact our communities, especially those efforts that benefit our military, veterans, and their families. It is awarded at the American Legion Auxiliary’s DC Conference held annually in Washington, D.C. The recipient is selected by the American Legion Auxiliary national president and must be present to accept the award.

Woman of the Year
Established in 1984, the Woman of the Year Award recognizes outstanding women who exemplify the values and ideals of the American Legion Auxiliary, particularly those whose contributions advance the quality of life for America’s military, veterans, and their families.

Youth Hero/Good Deed Awards
Created in 2002 by the National Children & Youth Committee, these awards are presented annually throughout the year to recognize the heroism and helpfulness of youths under age 18. In the past three years alone, more than 250 Youth Hero and Good Deed awards have been presented to deserving youth.

Unit Member of the Year
The Unit Member of the Year award recognizes women serving at the unit level who exemplify the values and ideals of the Auxiliary and whose accomplishments significantly impact the program work in their units. Selection of the annual award recipients is at the discretion of the department Past Presidents Parley chairman. Awards are presented at the national convention.

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