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2023-2024 Department of Missouri
Auxiliary Officers

Sheridan Mires.JPG

Department President
Sheridan Mires

On July 15, 2023 the Department of Missouri Installed a new Department President.


Sheridan Mires joined the American Legion Auxiliary Unit #315 as a Junior Member and is a PUFL member of the Allen-Schiffern Unit #199 in Tarkio, Missouri.


Sheridan earned her eligibility in the American Legion Auxiliary through her father, Clay Staples, a United States Marine veteran of World War II. She is also eligible through both her grandfathers and two brothers. She was raised in an active American Legion Family, her grandmother was the charter president of Rolla Dicks, Unit #315 and to date Sheridan and her father are the only father/daughter duo to serve as Fourth District Commander and District President.


She has served on both department and unit levels of the Auxiliary and volunteers for the American Legion Auxiliary Missouri Girls State.


She is responsible for the development of an online electronic reporting form and other reporting forms to help improve Unit and District reporting to the Department. Sheridan also served as a volunteer for ALA Missouri Girls State.


Sheridan graduated from Tarkio College with a degree in elementary education, and later from Northwest Missouri State University with a masters in elementary special education. Sheridan taught for 27 years at schools in Nodaway and Atchison Counties.


After retiring, Sheridan used her education background to assist Tarkio College with the application and certification of Tarkio Technology Institution in Tarkio. She has continued to assist students with their educational goals by serving as the Director of Admissions at Tarkio Institute.


When Sheridan is not serving our veterans and working in the Auxiliary she enjoys cooking, baking and crafting. She also enjoys riding on the trike with her husband Richard (Burr) around the county. Sheridan and Burr live on their family farm in northwest Missouri that has been in the family for almost 150 years.


Sheridan’s theme is “Let Freedom Ring – Because of Those Who Serve” and her project is the Veterans Community Project.

Shanna Jelinek.JPG

Department 1st Vice President
Shanna Jelinek

Hello! My name is Shanna Jelinek. I am a 4th grade teacher in a little German community in
southwest Missouri. I gained my eligibility in the American Legion Auxiliary through the service
of my late father, Robert Jelinek, a United States Navy veteran of the Vietnam conflict. I am also
eligible through my grandfather Charles Jelinek, a United States Army veteran of World War II.
I am a 46 year member of District 15, raised in the American Legion Family as a junior since
birth, at the Hubert H. Kleiboeker Unit #419 in Freistatt. I am currently a member of the Ozark
Unit #65 in Pierce City.

My advice to members is to find the program (or programs) you love and get involved. One of
my biggest passions within our organization is ALA Missouri Girls State. I have been on staff
for over 12 years serving on the ALA MGS committee and the last few years as Dean of
Operations. It is truly a one of a kind experience that helps young women recognize their
leadership potential. Another program I love is the Poppy program, especially the Poppy Posters.
It is amazing to see the creativity of youth as they honor veterans with their artistic talents.
I am looking forward to visiting more units and members across the state. I am excited to see
what you are doing to recruit, retain, and rejoin members.

I have been a member of the American Legion Auxiliary post 253, unit 253 for 23 years I am in district
13. My eligibility was under my father, Donald kinder, who was a  United States army veteran. He also
was a paid up for life member.
Always be true to yourself. Always respect your members and their families and respect the organization
that you believe in have fun, always and let freedom ring. I am looking forward to hearing reports

From the unit's districts and department committees. On all the accomplishments that you have done for
the year for our veterans. I am looking forward to attending The department convention, fall conference and
attending the national convention in New Orleans for the year 2023-2024 
I am looking forward to visiting all veteran Holmes. As your department of Missouri 2nd Vice President.

Department 2nd Vice President
Wanda Kinder


My name is Lindy Picray, formerly known as Lindy Capps. I am originally from California. I moved to Missouri in 2012 to work at ALA Department headquarters. I had no clue what the Auxiliary was up until that point, but I was eligible through both of my Grandfathers who served in WWII and my dad who served in Vietnam, so I joined. Living in Jefferson City, I joined Unit 5. After my year of AmeriCorps was up, I decided to stay in Missouri if I could find a job. Luckily I found a job as a Travel agent and bought a house. I still went to Auxiliary meetings, but my involvement decreased. It wasn’t until Claudia Goodin asked if I would be second vice president of the Unit, that I got more involved. How can you say no to Caludia? Shortly after, I went to my first District 8 meeting, I was asked to be Secretary. In 2017, I met John, a Navy Veteran who just happened to be former director of chapter 202, and a member of Post 202. None of our mutual Legion friends thought to hook up two tall, twenty somethings hanging around a Legion Post, but we forgave them. We got married in November 2019. I lost my job as a Travel Agent in 2020, but found a job with the State of Missouri where I still work. We live in Jefferson City, with our two cats- Coco and Kitkat. My advice to members would be find something you love doing. Its ok if its behind the scenes.

Department Historian
Lindy Picray

Department Historian
Lindy Picray

Jaretta Holt

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