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The purpose of the Americanism program is to promote patriotism and responsible
citizenship. Standing Rules #6, Core National Standing Committees
Be knowledgeable on flag history, etiquette, and proper disposal methods, and promote
the observation of patriotic holidays so your community will look to the ALA for

  •  Work with The American Legion to increase respect for the flag in your community, including the proper way, the American flag should be flown.

  • At schools and organizations, teach proper handling, displaying, and respect for the American flag, as well as our National Anthem, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Organize a patriotic holiday event or volunteer for local patriotic events in Auxiliary attire and network with prospective members.

  • Sign up here.

  • Contact and ask state and federal government representatives to support the flag amendment. To find your representatives, visit

  • Encourage members to participate in and utilize the Wreaths Across America patriotic curriculum. For more information, visit

  • Recruit others to support the flag amendment by explaining what it is and why it is important. Sign up for The American Legion’s legislative action alerts and follow the flag issues.

  • Work with schools and organizations to promote Star Spangled Kids. For more information and resources, click here.

  • Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest. 


The Americanism Essay Contest topic for 2023-2024: “What Does Freedom Mean to Me?”


  • Encourage Junior members and family members to participate in the essay contest.

  • Work with school administrations to identify guidance counselors, and English and history teachers whose students would be interested in participating.

  • Contact youth organizations to identify potential youth for participation in the contest.

  • Provide all interested students with information packets explaining contest rules, deadlines, topics, and award opportunities.

  • For details on the Americanism Essay Contest, visit


Participate in the promotion of The American Legion Americanism programs. 


Support American Legion Baseball:

  • Support, sponsor, or donate to an American Legion Baseball team.

  • Assist with the logistics of transportation, concession, and statistics for the teams.

  • Contact local sports shops and ask if they would be willing to make donations toward a fundraiser or offer a discounted price to purchase needed items.

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