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Poppy Hat Contest

Poppy Chairman Tammey Cummins will be hosting a Poppy Hat Contest at the Department Convention in July 2024. 

Judging will be in the following categories:

  • Juniors

  • Past Department Presidents

  • Department Officers and Staff

  • District Presidents

  • Membership

Each category will have a table at convention for you to display your hats on.  Each hat will be provided with a collection cup for monetary donations and the hat with the highest monetary donations in each category will win.  

The contest will run Friday through the end of Saturday session.  Winners will be announced on Sunday.


Hats are to be decorated with paper poppies that can be purchased from your units, districts or the department office. 

Other decorations can be used but the hat must contain paper poppies and the white tags are to be taken off. 


Any questions please contact Poppy Chairman Tammey Cummins at or text message at 573-258-9303

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