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American Legion Auxiliary National Legislative Committee 2023-2024 Report

American Legion Auxiliary National Legislative Committee 2023-2024

Cathie Goth, Central Division Chair

Legislative Resources

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to provide information and assistance to American Legion members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion. Standing Rules #5, National Committees”.

American Legion Auxiliary Department Legislative Chairs can help lead and assist their members in the advocacy of The American Legion’s Legislative Agenda utilizing resources readily available at . At this website you will find the latest Legislative Agenda outlining The American Legion’s legislative priorities for the 118th Congress. This agenda is free to download and copy for distribution to members. Also at this website is the Advocacy Toolkit used in visiting the Hill in Washington D.C. when members of The American Legion Family descend on congress to seek support for our legislative priorities. Within the Advocacy Toolkit is a section on how to Contact Your Congressional Representatives outlining how to locate your congressional representative through the Grassroots Action Center. The Grassroots Action Center is an excellent resource for getting your units started in advocating for our veterans, military, and their families.

To be kept up to date on legislative bulletins along with urgent action requests log on to and join

The American Legion Auxiliary’s most important resource is its members, imagine the strength of our voice when we join as one to support and advocate for our veterans, military, and their families.

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