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January update from the Membership Committee

Happy New Year! It’s amazing how fast this year is going. Everyone is busy working the ALA programs to help serve our veterans, military, and their families. As you do, this provides many opportunities to meet the people in your communities and potential new members of our great organization. Make sure you are prepared in those situations to recruit new members by always carrying an application. 

Don’t forget those members you haven’t seen or heard from in a while. Reach out to those who can’t or don’t attend meetings. It is important to make them feel included. You can visit them and encourage them to attend the next meeting or participate in an upcoming unit activity. Make them feel welcome. Your visit might be the high point of their week. Remember membership is the responsibility of everyone, not just the unit or district membership chairman. 

Our department goal from National is 9,456 members. As of January 9, 2024 the Department has reached 61.72%. Units across the state have been working hard to recruit, retain, and rejoin members, but there is a way to go. Congratulations to Unit 34, 39, 60, and 487 for being 100+% of their goals. However, we still have seven units who are at 0.00%. If your unit is struggling with membership, please reach out to your District President or Division Chairman for support. 

We want to recognize those units that have made the last to Membership goals. The “Veterans Day” award for units who reached 65% by November 11, 2023 was achieved by 26 units. These include Unit 174, 261, 400, 208, 34, 274, 97, 216, 487, 199, 288, 596, 150, 153, 306, 226, 313, 370, 65, 14, 230, 478, 279, 317, 424, and 544. The “Pearl Harbor” award for units reaching 75% by December 7, 2023 was achieved by 25 units. These units include Unit 174, 261, 172, 300, 34, 365, 216, 487, 199, 288, 150, 153, 306, 226, 313, 370, 65, 209, 14, 230, 60, 279, 478, 317, and 544. Congratulations to all of you for your hard work! These units will be placed in the prize drawings at the Department Convention in July. 

There is still time to make the four remaining goals. The next goal is the “American Legion Birthday” award. It will go to units reaching 85% by March 15, 2024. 

National has some goals as well. Recruit 10: Any individual recruiting 10 new members, (Juniors or Seniors) will receive a special gift.  Entry form must be completed, and all must be entered and paid in ALAMIS by 6/1/2024. 100% Unit Award: All Units with 100% in ALAMIS by 1/31/2024 will receive a 100% Flag Ribbon.  Ribbons will be sent to Departments for distribution. 85% Department Award: All Departments reaching 85% by 3/15/2024, (The American Legion Birthday), will receive $85.00 to advance the ALA Mission.

Let’s finish the year strong and continue to “Let Freedom Ring- Because of Those Who Serve”.

Article submitted by Shanna Jelinek and Cathie Goth.

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