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Shanna Jelinek endorsement for president

Department President, Shanna Jelinek

At a regular quarterly meeting of District 15, American Legion Auxiliary Department of Missouri held December 10, 2023 in Webb City, MO, Shanna Jelinek was unanimously endorsed for the office of Department President for the year 2024-2025.

Shanna gained her eligibility through her late father, Robert Jelinek, a United States Navy veteran of the Vietnam conflict. Shanna is also eligible through her grandfather Charles Jelinek, a United States Army veteran of World War II. She is a 47 year member, raised in the American Legion Family as a junior since birth at the Hubert H. Kleiboeker Unit # 419 in Freistatt, Missouri. She is member currently of the Ozark Unit #65 in Pierce City, Missouri. 

Shanna is an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary on the Unit level. She has served as Sgt-at-Arms, Chaplain, Secretary, and is currently serving as Treasurer. She has also served on several committees including Poppy Poster and is currently the Girls State chairman.   

On the District Level, Shanna has served as Chaplain, Treasurer, 1st Vice-President, and President and is currently serving as Sgt-at-Arms. She has also served on several committees including Membership, Poppy Poster, Past Presidents Parley, and has been a Color Bearer attending many ALA Department conventions and Conferences. She is currently serving as the Education and Girls State Chairman. 

On the Department level, Shanna is currently serving as Department 1st Vice President, Membership Co-Chair, and a member of the Girls State Committee for 12 years. She has served as chairman of Americanism Essay, Education, Poppy Poster, Poppy, Rules and Resolutions, VA & R, and Community Service, and has been a Department Color Bearer, Chaplain, Historian, and 2nd Vice President. She has also served on the ALA Girls State Staff for 14 years. 

Shanna has been a 4th grade teacher for 19 years. 

In view of her dedication and service to the American Legion Family, it is with great pride that the members of District 15 endorse Shanna Jelinek as a candidate for the office of President for the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Missouri for 2024-2025.

Linda Jelinek, President

Cecilia Miller, Secretary

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