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Unit Member of the Year Submission Requirements

This award recognizes those serving at the unit level who exemplify the values and

ideals of the Auxiliary and whose accomplishments significantly impact the program

work in their unit.

The award is open to senior members who are not currently, nor have ever been, in an elected or appointed leadership role higher than unit president. Each unit may submit only one entry and must include a narrative of 1,000 words or less describing the nominee’s accomplishments. Since this is an annual award, the nomination should be discussing what the member has done to enhance the unit during the current administrative year (2023-24).

Along with the narrative, include a cover sheet with the following information….

  • Nominee Name

  • Nominee Membership Number

  • Nominee Address

  • Nominee Email Address

  • Nominee Phone Number

  • Nominee Unit Name and Number

Cover sheet and narrative must be submitted by May 1, 2024, either by mail or email to:

Lori Millam

ALA Department Leadership Chairman

96 Deves Rd.

Montgomery City, MO 63361

The Department winner will receive a special plaque that will be presented at the

Department convention in July 2024.

*The Unit Member of the Year from each department will be recognized annually at the

American Legion Auxiliary National Convention.

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